Every Little thing she does is Magic – Magicienne Alexandra Duvivier Takes the Rhapsody Theatre

Rhapsody Theatre, Photo provided by the Silverman Group
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The talent demographic of magic is surprisingly much like medicine, tech, and comedy-most of the “notable greats” in these professions are men. For whatever reason (cough cough, sexism) Houdini, David Copperfield, David Blaine, and other men come to mind when thinking of magic acts. Currently, the percentage of women in magic is a not so impressive 2%. Many women are told they can be magician’s assistants, which sounds a lot like what women are told in other professions! Fortunately, there is a charismatic female magician who should definitely be on people’s radar, Alexendra Duvivier

Alexandra has been a magician for several decades and her father, celebrated magician, Dominique Duvivier even taught her the tools of the trade. They also own a magic shop in France! For three weeks only, Thursday, February 22 through Saturday, March 9, 2024 Alexandra is hopping across the pond and is doing a string of performances at The Rhapsody Theater in Rogers Park, Chicago. She is considered one of the world’s greatest “magiciennes,” and is an award-winning Paris-based magician who’s won the major Mandrake d’Or award in France and was the first French female magician to fool Penn and Teller in their television show “Fool Us.”

Rhapsody Theatre, Photo provided by the Silverman Group

Her show at the Rhapsody consisted of close-up card tricks and tricks involving colored cloth, an invisible stool, as well as quick outfit changes, some light teasing of the audience, turning water into wine, and much more. At one point in the show, when she welcomed an audience member on stage with her to break bread (the baguette was actually a vessel for other objects) and a beverage, the audience member’s glass filled with water and hers filled with red wine. Delighted with the trick, someone shouted “she’s Jesus!” The crowd shared a laugh, and it certainly set the tone for the night. The audience was just as fun as her, and altogether, contributed to an energetic experience. There were certainly moments of pointing out the differences between French and American culture, which everyone seemed to not take too seriously. The most impressive trick was after the intermission, when she invited everyone in the audience to join in on a card trick,  through a series of maneuvers, after having four cards in our hands, and moving them around many times, tearing them up, and throwing them to the floor, after all was said and done, the final card in our hands matched the one in our pockets – that was truly incredible. 

There were, however, some moments that didn’t necessarily feel like magic but instead, felt like a session of adult word play games. Alexandra held up a series of laminated papers with words printed on them but designed to mean another word based on the type face and placement of the words on the sign. It was fun to see what the audience guessed the puns were, and whoever said it out loud first and correctly received a small French themed gift like a macaroon or Eiffel tower key chain. It kept the show going, but didn’t seem like magic, and lost me for a moment. After that segment, she got back to business and wowed the crowd again with some rope tricks and clever jokes.

Rhapsody Theatre, Photo provided by the Silverman Group

What I also took away from this experience is the fact that the brand new theater, the Rhapsody, is a local gem that should be more well known! If you’re looking for an evening of entertainment and quality hospitality, and don’t have the time or energy to travel to The Loop, then the Rhapsody is for you. I will certainly be returning there, as the food was just right (they have a plate of cookies as a dessert option), and pizza from local favorite next door, J.B Alberto’s. The talented lead bartender creates unique drinks for each show, and they did not disappoint. Not only were there alcoholic and NA options, but there were also spirit free. Never on a menu have I seen an alcohol free gin, but I had it and it was divine! The Moulin Rouge and the Zut were delicious cocktails, so good in fact they should consider keeping them on the permanent menu! I would be remiss if I didn’t acknowledge the Director of Operations, Collin Helou, who was accommodating and delightful, and whose passion for the theatre’s success is palpable.

Give Alexandra a follow on her Instagram at @alexandraduvivieroff) and learn about the upcoming programming at the Rhapsody Theatre @rhapsodytheatre.

Photos provided by The Silverman Group

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