Castro NYC Exhibits Exclusive Jewels in Forged by Fire at Carpenters Workshop Gallery

Castro NYC redefines craftsmanship and elegance. Images courtesy of Castro NYC
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Castro NYC Showcases Jewels while Honoring its Founder’s Legacy in Forged by Fire Exhibit at Carpenters Workshop Gallery

Castro NYC, a revered jewelry brand known for its unconventional artistry, relaunches after the sudden passing of its founder Terry Castro last year. At the helm is Sir King Castro, a son committed to honoring his father’s legacy while bravely leading the iconic brand to continued success. In Forged by Fire, an exhibition at Carpenters Workshop Gallery on Manhattan’s renowned FIfth Avenue, Castro NYC showcases a select collection of jewelry designed by the founder in what was probably his last creations before his untimely death. This collection will be shown exclusively. 

Sir King Castro takes over where his father left off. Image courtesy of Castro NYC

Sir King Castro is no stranger to jewelry making, as he studied dutifully under his father and passed the torch as his apprentice. It’s an honor Sir King is acutely aware of, as he recognizes the brand’s respect and admiration throughout the world. Sir King says, “It means a lot to me that there is so much love for Castro out there, and we’re excited to share the story and work of my father with the public, especially partnering with an artistic institution like Carpenters Workshop Gallery, who have brought the exhibition to life.”

Castro NYC is not alone in this exhibit of fine jewelry designs by talented artists from around the world. Featured is the work of 16 contemporary jewelry artists exhibiting collections exclusive to Carpenters Workshop Gallery. The compilation reflects a rich interweaving of global cultures and personal stories evident in the artistry. Designs on view include Castro NYC, HUNROD Gold, by Michèle Lamy and Loree Rodkin, Paris Kain’s Dominion series and Cindy Sherman x LIZWORKS’ limited edition Cameo series. 

What sets Castro apart from the other designs is the fact that this will be the first viewing of the pieces since the passing of the brand’s founder. Tamara Platiša, who is the Gallery’s Head of Jewelry, says “We are very honored to commemorate his memory through this show.” This also marks a time of growth for the brand, as it recently relaunched under the tutelage of Sir King Castro. This doesn’t mean that it will waver from the distinct ethos from which it began. Terry Castro set out to redefine the very essence of jewelry as wearable art. The older Castro intricately worked with precious gemstones to create one-of-a-kind designs inspired by global travels, cultural differences and personal experiences. The craftsmanship of his work is evident in the pieces on view in New York City until December 23.  

Drip Earrings. Images courtesy of Castro NYC
Money Brooch. Images courtesy of Castro NYC

The Zeeporah earrings appear as two deities. Featuring white gold, white diamonds, emeralds, rubies, and sapphires, they are meant as a testament to jewelry functioning as a conduit to transcendental realms, embodying both ancient protective elements and contemporary elegance. They are inspired by ancient African traditions and the importance of the zebra to the culture. The design features a zebra sitting on a bird’s skull. Another piece is the Money Brooch, melding together Muzo emeralds and bronze. Both a brooch and a pendant, it’s accented with emerald beads to shape limbs, and bronze accents to impart a warm and earthy tone, bringing the jewel to life. Each detail of the piece was attended to by Castro, demonstrating the late creator’s unique identity and personal craftsmanship that went into making the exquisite charm. 

Catamando Ring. Images courtesy of Castro NYC

Castro’s designs evoke a sense of wonder and the brand is committed to honor its founder’s celebration of life’s most cherished moments through design that continues to pus the boundaries. With Sir King as the torchbearer, Castro NYC is ready to boldly launch into a new and exciting era while honoring the tradition and craftsmanship of its founder. He’s committed to continuing the family legacy, awe, and inspiration his father drew from.

Carpenters Workshop Jewellery is one of Carpenters Workshop Gallery’s latest ventures. CWJ represents internationally celebrated artists and designers who push the boundaries and blur the lines between art, fashion and design, form and function through timeless, sensorial, avant-garde objects conceived firstly as a work of art, using the medium of jewelry.

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