Murder on the Links – A Twisty, Turny Mystery That Will Keep You Guessing Until the End

Jessica Mosher. Matthew Salazar-Thompson, Kim Morgan Deal, Omri Schein, Brian Mackey & Jennifer Erdmann - photo by Aaron Rumley
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By Kathy Carpenter

Dame Agatha Christie, widely considered the most successful writer in history, once wrote, “If it is necessary for a criminal to be a consummate actress, then by all means assume her to be one.” The North Coast Repertory Theatre is presenting the world premiere of “Murder on the Links,” a classic mystery novel by Agatha Christie adapted and directed by Steven Dietz. The novel, first published in 1923, is the second featuring Hercule Poirot and Arthur Hastings, and it takes place in northern France, where Poirot encounters a hostile competitor from the Paris Sûreté while investigating a murder.

The story begins with Poirot and Hastings traveling to Merlinville-sur-Mer to meet with Paul Renauld, who has requested their help. Upon arriving, they learn that Renauld was found dead that morning, stabbed in the back and buried next to a local golf course. Renauld’s wife claims masked men broke into the villa at 2 am, tied her up, and took her husband away, but Poirot and Hastings uncover a web of secrets that suggests the case is more complicated than it seems.

Omri Schein, Jessica Mosher & Kim Morgan Dean – photo by Aaron Rumley

Dietz’s adaptation is sharp and witty, and the characters are well-developed. Omri Schein brilliantly plays the humorous and masterful Hercule Poirot, while Kim Moran Dean delivers a phenomenal performance as Captain Hastings. The cast, including Jennifer Erdmann, Brian Mackey, Jessica Mosher, and Matthew Salazar-Thompson, takes on over 25 roles with effortless ease, adding a touch of hilarity to the show.

The set is simple yet effective, and the period-appropriate costumes transport the audience into a French tale of who-done-it with the funny little Belgian detective. The mystery is full of twists and turns, keeping the audience guessing until the final curtain.

Omri Schein, Jessica Mosher & Kim Morgan Dean – photo by Aaron Rumley

In conclusion, “Murder on the Links” is a classic mystery novel that is sure to please fans of the genre. The North Coast Repertory Theatre’s adaptation is a theatrical tour de force that will keep you guessing until the final curtain. Agatha Christie would be proud!.

Murder on the Links

(L-R) Jennifer Erdmann, Jessica Mosher, Kim Morgan Dean & Omri Schein – photo by Aaron Rumley

North Coast Repertory Theatre

April 19 – May 21, 2023

World Class Intimate Theatre

Box office 858-481-1055

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