Idylo Cozy Rooms in Schinousa review- A Small Cycladic getaway!

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Schinousa is a little island that belongs to Small Cyclades. The only way to go there is by boat, the oldest boat in the Aegean Sea called Skopelitis, but there is a catch! In order to find a spot to transfer your car, you need to contact the ticket agents in Naxos, so they can call the Captain and ask, since space is very limited. The ride though takes you back in time and is totally worth it!

This island, Schinousa, took its name from the bushy plant “chinos” that is all over the place. Some locals claim though that the island may have taken its name from the Venetian lord Schinoza. On Schinousa, you can stay at Chora or Mesaria. Chora is build on the cliff so that the ancient locals there were protected from the pirates.

While there, I spent my time staying at one of the best little lodges on the island. Idylo Cozy Rooms is its name. Very carefully built, with lots of love and attention from the owner, Idylo is by far one of the must stay place on this secret paradise. Its location is right next to the “Plateia”, the main spot where everyone meets during breakfast and dinner/drinks time.

Most of the furniture in Idylo Cozy Rooms is handmade by a craftsman. The mattresses are from Candia, with those amazing fibres for a relaxing sleep and the linen are pretty silky and lit Gye Laroche. The lighting is from bamboo and very carefully selected to match the surrounding eco sencious environment. Selected to support the Wake Waka organisation, the lighting helps in a way, counties that live without electricity, since with every purchase a tree is being planted in places that need it all around the world. The bathroom tiles are covered with anti micro bacterial technology, Puro marazzi, to offer further protection for visitors. The main goal of this lodge is to reduce the carbon footprint of its guests and it is totally successful.

Stand on the balcony and gaze at the majestical Aegean Sea when there. A moment you won’t forget . . .

Photos: Courtesy of Idylo.

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