Top 4 Dog Breeds for a Family

yellow Labrador puppy running on field
Photo by Cristian Castillo on Unsplash
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Often, people make the mistake of choosing a dog according to their esthetic preferences. The truth is,
you should find a dog that matches your energy and activity level. If a pup requires a lot of attention and
exercise, you will need to have a similar lifestyle to match that.

Generally speaking, when choosing a dog breed for a family, you need to focus on three main things:
temperament, size, and energy level. If you have small kids, you should get a calm dog that will serve as
their protector and grow with them. Size can also play a factor.

black and white short coated dog
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Most importantly, you need to consider how much energy they have. If you can’t match their energy
level, there is a good chance they will develop various character issues down the road. We also suggest
that you pick dogs that are not possessive and that are willing to share things with your kids.
5 Things to consider when looking for a family dog

white and black American pit bull terrier at daytime
Photo by Justin Veenema on Unsplash

Before getting a pup, you should ask its caretaker a few questions regarding its character:

  1. How much energy does it have? Can you take it on hikes, for running, or does it need to be held
    all the time?
  2. How old should the dog be? If it’s a small puppy, it will get more attached to the family but will
    require extensive training. On the other hand, older dogs already have the right training but
    might need some time to adapt to children.
  3. Does the dog have any companion preferences? Can it socialize with everyone equally, or does
    it prefer a certain gender or age group?
  4. If you have other pets, will the dog be able to adjust to them? On the other hand, are your
    existing pets able to socialize with newcomers?
  5. Does the dog have special needs? For example, does it need to go to the vet or groomer all the
    time, and how much extra time will you spend handling its needs?
    4 Best dogs for a family
    Here is a list of the dogs that would work well for families:

  1. Golden retriever
    If you have ever had a retriever, you should know how lovable these dogs are. They are very loyal and smart, making them a perfect dog for any family. Furthermore, they are not particularly aggressive, so you don’t have to worry whether they will harm your child.

The good thing about golden retrievers is that they don’t have to run a lot. However, they do appreciate
a game of catch, which makes sense given that they’re retrievers.

  1. Poodle
    Most people don’t know this, but poodles are an amazing breed for kids. Like golden retrievers, they are very gentle with kids, and they don’t need much time to figure things out. They don’t need much activity and are easily amused. What’s even better, you don’t have to adapt your life to them. Unlike many dog breeds, they don’t get annoyed too quickly, which is another plus. As of late, a mix of miniature poodle and golden retriever has become increasingly popular among families. This dog is called Goldendoodle. People also like to buy mini Goldendoodle puppies, a variation of the breed. This dog has a higher percentage of mini poodle
    genetics compared to golden retriever genetics.
  2. Labrador retriever
    Labrador retriever has similar traits as other dogs on the list. It is an amazing guardian dog that can give your kids a lot of love. As they grow together, they can provide companionship to each other. It doesn’t take too much time to train Labrador retrievers as they are incredibly smart.
    One downside of the breed is that they need to exercise. They especially love swimming, making them a better choice for families with a pool or those who live close to rivers and lakes. They are also a superb choice if you have some other pets in the house. Labradors shed a lot, so they will need weekly maintenance.
  3. Irish setter
    Irish setters have so many positive traits. They are great in a social environment and can work well for larger families. They have a lot of energy, making them a much better choice for families with a large backyard. The dog is somewhat reliant on the company. They attach quickly, and they need to be surrounded by their loved ones at all times. Otherwise, they might even suffer anxiety. Due to their long coat, they need regular brushing.

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