Golfers & Guests Galore Scored at Doris Bergman’s 5th Annual Gratitude Lounge at the 15th Annual George Lopez Celebrity Golf Classic

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What could be better than a beautiful day of golf, gifts, food, drink, and camaraderie that benefits a worthy cause! It was all happening on Monday, May 2, 2022, at Doris Bergman’s Annual Gratitude Lounge at the 15th Annual George Lopez Celebrity Golf Classic.  Held at a prestigious Toluca Lake golf club, Bergman’s gifting lounge was co-hosted by Sway Premium Audio, Twisted Silver, and Robosen.   

The Gratitude Lounge before all the guests arrive!

After their enjoyable hours on the course, celebrities were treated to an amazing array of luxury gifts and goodies.  The first booth that guests encountered was by Robosen, with a super cool robot – an auto-converting, interactive, programmable, voice activated, mobile controlled – Optimus Prime!

Caroline Rhea can have a ball giving commands to this Robosen robot!

Sway Audio had Bluetooth speakers unlike any you’ve seen or “heard” before: The Air Fitz Desktop Portable French Bulldog Speaker and Air Muerto Desktop Portable Skull Speaker.

Actor Joe Montegna will love listening and vlogging with speakers and mic from Sway Audio.

Perusing the room, guests found other wonderful items on display.  There was stunning jewelry designed by Debra Mitchell. Her beautiful Twisted Silver line is hand-crafted and eco-friendly.

Actress Patrika Darbo shows off her Twisted Silver pendant.

Art Lewin Bespoke is known for their custom-made suits that complement the most varied lifestyles in terms of daily living, aesthetics, and sense of style. The ever-so-personable Mr. Lewin gifted ties, pocket squares and socks to all the visitors.

Whoaaa – is that Art Lewin giving a left hook to Sugar Ray Leonard?!

Looking good is important but feeling good means everything – and there were numerous vendors showcasing things that make us feel really good!

The Marijuana Factory gave out a whole goody bag of cannabis items including products for energy, sleep, focus, and body wellness. 

Mayan Lopez visits with The Marijuana Factory.

There was even a package of cannabis-infused Chile Limon covered gummies called Laughing Lopez – inspired by the host of the golf tournament, the hilarious George Lopez.  I can’t wait to try some of these gummies with a friend, so we’ll be LMAO!

Whooeee! It’s a pack of Laughing Lopez gummies named after the fabulous host of the Celebrity Golf Tournament – George Lopez!

In case you’re smoking any Mary Jane in your apartment, there was another booth you’d like.  You can hide the odor from your neighbors or landlord with Cannabolish, which removes cannabis smoke odors using natural active ingredients.

Remove those smoky odors with Cannabolish.

Another Sponsor, Kings Brewing Company, had the most interesting flavors of beer and ale. 

Actor Joe Pesci and Kings Brewing Co.

If you like something a little stronger, Dulce Vida Organic Tequila was also offering luscious libations.

Fun flavors of tequila – Ole!

Speaking of luscious, who doesn’t love ice cream!  At the Sub Zero Ice Cream booth, we not only got to eat it; we also got to see it made! With a blast of LN2 (liquid nitrogen), the fog rolled across the counter and science turned liquid cream into a scrumptious creamy premium ice cream. What fun!  I had cookies and cream which was absolutely deelish. If you’re catering a party – definitely check them out. They even offer vegan and keto-friendly options.

Mmmm, ice cream that tastes divine… and a great foggy funfest as it’s made!

For those golfers who are out in the sun all the time, Olita Skin Care provided wonderful sunscreen products. 

Actor Andy Garcia can protect his skin with products from Olita!

And for those men with facial hair, The Bearded Sailor offered balm and oil to get your beard looking and smelling great with the best natural ingredients. Okay, for gender equality – it will also work for bearded ladies!

Does your beard measure up? The Bearded Sailor makes sure it does!

When they get home and want to relax, guests could open up one of the wonderfully scented soy candles from Milena

Milena candles can help with relaxation or romance!

The day was truly delightful and, happily, it all benefitted The George Lopez Foundation, whose mission it is to create positive, permanent change for underprivileged children, adults and military families confronting challenges in education and health, as well as increasing community awareness about kidney disease and organ donation. 

The celebs and visitors attending included:

Cedric The Entertainer, Bailey Chase, Billy Magnussen, Oscar De La Hoya, D.L. Hughley, Don Cheadle, Dondre Whitfield, Edward James Olmos, Gary Valentine, Jack Wagner, Ryan McPartlin, Salli Richardson-Whitfield, Adrian Gonzalez, Alissa Kacar, Alysha Del Valle, Ben Baller, Brian Krause, Celine Pelofi, Pat Monahan, Chris Spencer, Christopher Judge, Debbe Dunning, Derrex Brady, Elizabeth “Lizzy” Small, Emilio Rivera, Eric Martsolf, Galen Gering, Jackie Flynn, Kelly Sheehan, Kendall Schmidt, Kim Estes, Kyle Lowder, Lee Trevino, Lisa Vidal, Lu Parker, Mark Rolston, Matt Cedeno, Michael Irby, Mike Phillips, Neil Giraldo, Nigel Lythgoe, Norman Nixon, Philip Boyd, Richard Karn, Roland Martin, Steven Michael Quezada, Sugar Ray Leonard, Tisha Alyn, Wells Adams, William Wilson and others.

Twisted Silver’s designer Debra Mitchell with Actress Eugenia Kuzmina

Other gifts and services were provided by:

Movo; Nukka Razors; Arrowhead Water; Fresh Wave Works; Gyber Pizza Oven; Actual Veggies; Aloha; Alter Eco Foods; Arrowhead Water; Bala;; Boost Oxygen; Brownie Brittle; Cask & Kettle; Chef’s Life; Chipz Happen; ChocXo; Crispy Green; Eastern Standard Provisions; Essentia Water; Field Trip Foods; Food Huggers; Frunutta; Green Peach; Happy Grub; Herbion Humanitea; Jackson’s Chips; Liquid Death; Live P.S. Skincare; Mariner Flat Breads; Nukka; Nutri Care; NuvoMed; Pickle Power; Portland Pet Food; Potent Kitchen; Rain; Raw Gear; Raws; Simply Gum; Smart Sweets; Sow Good; SUJA; Tampico; Tosi; True Made Foods; Unisoy Jerky; Whisp’s Cheese Snacks; Wish Garden Herbs; UP2U; Feel Good Super Foods; and The Ultimate DJ – Mr. Craig Scime.  VIP Gift Bags were provided by Twisted Silver.

Gifts and goodies galore!

All Photos Courtesy of Doris Bergman.

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