“Great American Songs..and the fascinating stories behind them – Here is Hershey Felder

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Hershey Felder’s “Live from Florence” series continues with the Sunday, August 22nd production of “Great American Songs..and the fascinating stories behind them”.  During the pandemic Felder’s productions have appeared in rapid succession, one more creative than the last and each a delight for his fans who have been starved for typical opportunities to enjoy music, theater, dance and more.  What a treat to experience the most recent productions of opera stories.  Splash Magazine Worldwide reviews of several performances include, “Puccini

There was also, “Hershey Felder and Beethoven – A Special Benefit Performance

In earlier times, Hershey Felder opened many of his works in Chicago, (my home town) and one my favorite shows from those days was “Our Great Tchaikovsky”.

I can’t wait to see the way that Felder works with great American songs as he once again changes gears. Based on the popular ‘Audience Singalongs’ that took place on Sunday and Monday nights during runs in theatres throughout the country, Hershey Felder and his team have created an event, where you can be directly involved and take part with a world-wide audience from home.

The many faces of Hershey Felder
FOR TICKETS CLICK HERE   When you purchase a ticket for your household, you will be able to enjoy the show from the comfort of your home, but you will also have the chance to submit a request for a song. Details for submissions will be in your ticket confirmation.   During the broadcast you will also be able to communicate with Hershey through text or email with questions or comments via information given to you on your screen.     Patrons whose song requests are chosen, will be offered a complimentary pass to a show of their choice from the new season of shows announced at the end of the broadcast.     LIVE – Sunday, August 22, 2021 5 PM PDT, 6 PM MDT 7 PM CDT, 8 pm EDT (includes a full week of On-Demand viewing of recorded LIVE event.)     FOR TICKETS CLICK HERE 
This event will be performed live via our broadcast platform from Teatro Verdi in Florence, Italy. 

Wikipedia states that, “Felder has written and performed solo in multiple plays of notable composers, as well as other characters amassing over 6000 live performances before the public.”

But, wait, there is more- on Sunday!

Photos are courtesy of Hershey Felder


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