LATE NIGHT MAGIC Review – Magic for Adults at Alexis Park Las Vegas

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If you like magic, but crave something that isn’t exactly kid-friendly, than this is the show for you. Late Night Magic at Alexis Park, a non-gaming hotel on Harmon, across from the Virgin Hotel in Las Vegas.

The show is somewhat edgy, occasionally contains four letter words and off color jokes; but it is just plain fun. You get to see six magicians perform for the price of one ticket. The magicians perform individually or in tandem. Their credentials are impressive.

This production is the brainchild of magicians Michael Mayfield and Douglas Leferovich. Doug – or Lefty – is best known as magician Murray Sawchuck‘s sidekick in the “Murray The Magician” show in the Laugh Factory at the Tropicana. Those in the industry know that while Doug is a skilled and award winning magician, he is also a creative director, lighting designer, set designer, producer and technical director. 

Doug “Lefty” Leferovich Photo by Dianne Davis

Lefty” acts as the Master of Ceremonies, transitioning from one act to the next. He does use a bit of profanity- just to remind you that this is not a kiddy show. He also performs a series of stunning illusions with decks of cards.

John Shaw Photo by Burt Davis

John Shaw‘s act is just weird. You know something out of the ordinary is coming when he takes the stage. Trust me, he doesn’t exactly look like the kid next door. John has appeared on TV in Ripley’s Believe or Not and James Korden’s Late Late Show. His act includes such antics as placing hooks in his eyes and having a mousetrap close on his tongue. When he takes out the balloons, trust me, it isn’t what you’d expect!

Anna Rose Photo by Burt Davis




Anna Rose is the first and only female hypnotist to headline a hypnosis show on the Las Vegas strip (at the Paris Hotel and Casino.) She combines hypnosis, mentalism, and magic, and is known at the “mental influencer.” You will enjoy her interaction with the audience.




Bizzaro Photo by Dianne Davis

Bizzaro is known as The Optical Illusionist. He has performed in over a dozen countries and on TV shows including America’s Got Talent and Masters of Illusion. He proves that “normal” is just the setting on a dryer!. At one point his act is what I would call “razor sharp” and makes audience memers cringe a bit. Ouch, looks dangerous from where I sat. His facial expressions and costuming add to the act.

Mondre Photo by Dianne Davis

Mondre is the feature magician. He is a favorite at The famous Magic Castle in Los Angeles and is a past winner of such prestigious honors as the Siegfried and Roy Lion’s Head Award. During his act he smoothly makes white doves appear and disappear in thin air. At the conclusion of the act he magically produces a—well go see the show and find out.

Hollie England Photo by Dianne Davis

Hollie England is the swing, subbing for others when they can’t be there. She has been featured in multiple record-breaking international tours including ‘The Illusionists’- Live from Broadway’ and ‘Masters Of Illusion’. She can be seen on the CW, NBC & ITV Specials as well as on ‘America’s Got Talent’ & ‘Showtime At The Apollo’ She performs several escape illusions and interacts with the audience.





Late Night Magic can be called a Vegas success story. It started as a means of enabling magicians to keep their skills sharp during the pandemic. It has grown to become a staple at Alexis Park and is playing to large audiences. Oh, if you wonder abut the name “Late Night Magic? Eleven PM start time. So, take a nap and then Go see Late Night Magic at the Apollo Showroom, at the Alexis Park All Suite Resort in Las Vegas.


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