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Prairie Grass Cafe
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During the height of the COVID-19 shut down, one of the few things that brought pleasure to my husband and me were the meals that we could order from Prairie Grass Café.  Of course, this automatically required a drive to pick up the food.  It was only recently that I learned about Fresh Midwest and that it is possible to have food from Prairie Grass Café and other places delivered.  What could I lose by trying out this win-win combination?

The boxes are delivered

It was great new to learn that Prairie Grass Cafe (601 Skokie Blvd., Northbrook; 847-205-4433) has added three meal kits to their offering on Fresh Midwest making available their delicious meals which use locally-sourced produce whenever possible and support the use of sustainable seafood. Meals are available by ordering online at  Fresh Midwest or through the Fresh Midwest App. Use the promo code: PRAIRIE25 for $25 off your first order.

I considered ordering some of the following: the Prairie Grass Prime Cafe Filet Experience which includes 2 Filets, 2 Twice Baked Potatoes, and Herb Butter for $79.99, Salmon Burgers made with fresh Canadian salmon, and Prairie Grass Cafe’s hearty, homemade soups including customer favorites: Butternut Squash, Tomato Basil, Lentil Vegetable, and Mushroom are also available for home delivery through Fresh Midwest. Soups are packaged in 16 oz. containers costing $6.99 each excluding tax and delivery. 

Opening the package

I wanted to try a variety of items.  What I found especially helpful was the list of ingredients that are used.  As a vegetarian who is also gluten-free I was glad to find some delicious choice

The Tomato Basil soup was delicious and there was enough for several servings.

Twice baked potatoes

The Twice Baked Potato was heavenly.

Prairie Grass Cafe Grilled Honey Glazed Squash was delicious.

Prairie Grass Cafe Squash Pecan & Sage was unusual and very pleasant.

I invited a guest to taste test the salmon which I prepared.  She actually doesn’t especially like fish but she loved this salmon since it was not “fishy”.  It was just what was promised:

Salmon from the oven

“There is nothing like the incredible mellow flavor of salmon produced when slow roasting with handmade Prairie Grass Tomato Butter. The Slow Roasted Salmon Meal Kit features Verlasso Salmon, a leader in sustainable practices. Verlasso Salmon was the first ocean-raised salmon to receive the ​Yellow, a Good Alternative recommendation from the Monterey Bay Aquarium. The dinner accompanied by a side of  slaw tossed with citrus vinaigrette created by Chef Sarah, a two-time James Beard Award Winner.”

There is the instruction sheet

About the slaw.  I did share this with my guest and there was slaw for several day.  I have never tasted slaw that was more delicious. It was crunchy and mild in flavor.  The dressing and pumpkin seeds made it spectacular.

The cost is $24.99.

Other dishes available includes sides and sauce:
Prairie Grass Cafe Twice Baked Potato, $9.99
Prairie Grass Cafe Grilled Honey Glazed Squash Two for $10
Prairie Grass Cafe Squash Pecan & Sage Two for $10

Salmon and slaw- dinner

For more information, please call (847) 205-4433 or visit Follow Prairie Grass Cafe on Twitter at and; on Instagram at, on Facebook at

About Fresh Midwest

Fresh Midwest, the new premier online fresh food and meal delivery providing locally-grown produce and chef-driven meal solutions. Customers can place orders now at, or the Fresh Midwest App. Input code PRAIRIE25 at checkout for $25 off your first order. 

Twin brothers Patrick and Mike Fitzgerald, Creators and Co-Owners of Fresh Midwest and natives of Chicago’s North Shore, grew up with a respect for the food business. They garnered longstanding relationships with industry fresh food leaders and innovators through their Chicago-based Midwest Foods, a second-generation, family-owned business of eight brothers and sisters. It continues to be one of the most prominent wholesale produce distributors in the entire Midwest for more than 50 years.

For more information, visit; and

My conclusion is that the pairing of Prairie Grass Café and Fresh Midwest is a definitely a keeper and I strongly recommend trying this out.

Photos: B. Keer

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