LAFW – Los Angeles Fashion Week 2021

Los Angeles Fashion Week Fall 2021

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LAFW: Oct. 7 – 10, 2021

LAFW – Los Angeles Fashion Week 2021. Featuring LA + international designers, LAFW is the premier show covering Los Angeles based style. This year, LAFW is divided in three [?] separate nights; streetwear, contemporary, + couture.

“LA Fashion Week® is an organization dedicated to raising the profile of fashion in the United States with focus on the emergence of Los Angeles as one of the most important cultural cities in the world. Founded in 2010, and recognized as the official Fashion Week for the city of LA as declared by Mayor Eric Garcetti, California State Senator Ben Allen, and the White House for LAFW’s programs and initiatives on diversity. We are proud to be a leader in supporting the growing community of artists & designers that are a part of the cultural renaissance in LA and bringing them to the world stage [LAFW].”

COVID has made it difficult for the fashion industry; halting everything from manufacturing, retailers closing brick + mortar, forbidding public events of any kind to forcing production teams to work remote after a long hiatus lasting from 2018-2019. Design houses had to rethink the media processes that govern the world of fashion, choosing digital platforms to harness the growing trend away from brick + mortar shopping. Top labels have come a long way in utilizing film to the best of its advantages in order to get their content online – implementing a combination of themetic tools using the runway as a performance piece with customized musical accompanyment. Cinematography is exclusively exotic in short films being released in the likeness of a campaign ad or music video [such as Gucci 2021 ad feauturing vibrant track with ASAP Rocky, Taylor, + Iggy Pop]. Runway shows may or may not be an event of a past era since online technology has shifted the events occurring when making a purchase to include online sales + digital showrooms, along with privately filming the runway show – making it more a threatrical device for online audiences with multiple layers of purpose + entertainment.

The face of the fashion world has morphed into a pseudo-digital environment. Most top designers are putting out their in-house digital compilations online, as consumers move from live purchases to online shopping; part of a massive sweep to fix industry weaknesses not to mention the gash that COVID ripped open covasculating with deep rooted financial crisis + civil rights movement taking ahold of fashion from 2018-2021. It remains to be seen what Los Angeles base designers will choose to do this coming October – participate in LAFW or cater their content towards an online presence + debut.

Despite this, Fashion Week is the in person connectivity to the clothing – you can see, touch, feel the couture garments with your bare eyes + hands – who could ask for more?? For fashion junkies, thread + cloth bares everything to the expert opinion critiquing each collection, back to back. There is nothing like a classic fashion show full of reporters, editors, photographers, designers, + models. Much appreciated to press + attendees are the after parties, where raving launches into the fashion club scene. The energy is contagious – everyone is excited, discussing the latest gossip + catching up after the heavy design season. It is not yet known if there will be after parties for the week or not – COVID regulations may dissuade gatherers from celebrating.

For more info about ways to join LAFW, apply as a designer, register as media, sponsor brand partner, or volunteer email; In**@la**.net.

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