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Hindsight 2020, Cast
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Those Women Productions is proud to present Hindsight 2020, a collaboration with diverse artists in various disciplines from around the world to create a devised, virtual time capsule of a year that defies all categorization. 2020 was a year that changed the world — how has it changed you? Hindsight 2020 will be presented online April 9 through 17. The suggested price for tickets is $15 but all tickets are choose your own price with a $1 minimum, and 2.5% processing fee. 25% of proceeds will be donated to nonprofit organizations who support vulnerable populations and those most affected by COVID-19. Reservations are available here – a link to the performance will be sent to all registrants.

Hindsight 2020 will take audiences through artist perspectives touching on some of the major collective experiences of 2020: from sourdough starter to silence, plant parenting to panic, Zoom and zeitgeist, isolation, nostalgia, and the touchstones of Black Lives Matter and the U.S. election, and into the advent of the vaccine and an anticipated return to the theater.


Chicago-based performer and Assistant Director Cree Noble is a 2018 graduate of DePaul University where she studied both Journalism and Peace, Justice, and Conflict Studies with a minor in Performance Studies. She received her Master’s in Performance Studies at Tisch School of the Arts at NYU. Her work includes a one-woman show, Sasha from Chicago, which documents the lives of women of color impacted by the Trump Administration; What’s It All For?, a documentary-style theatre piece that highlighted the 2019 Jussie Smollett incident, and the devised piece Rewriting the Declaration of Independence. She is currently pursuing her second Master’s in Clinical Mental Health Counseling at DePaul University to become a Registered Drama Therapist. She is interested in theatre as a social justice and therapeutic tool, that not only creates social change but healing for people, especially Black women and girls.

Rebecca Haley Clark and Cree Noble generously agreed to answer some questions for Splash Magazines Worldwide, as follows:

(RHC – Rebecca Haley Clark, CN – Cree Noble, BK – Barbara Keer)

BK    How did you become aware of “Those Women Productions?”

RHC – I met Carol Lashof at a networking event in Berkeley in late 2019. In the summer of 2020 she reached out regarding the idea of doing some theatre as a fundraiser for Black Lives Matter that was originated by lighting designer, Monica Bowker. We began discussing and as Cree was brought onto the project and the idea of Hindsight 2020 developed further, Those Women Productions told us they wanted to help turn the project into reality by becoming our co-producers.

BK  With the constant drumbeat of COVID 19, how is it working between Chicago and Berkeley?

CN- Working on pacific time has been a blessing and curse. I love working with people I would not have had the chance to work with if the pandemic hadn’t hit. Working in different time zones can be confusing sometimes, but it worked out well. 

BK  The theme of which part of 2020 to take and which part to leave is intriguing.  How did this theme develop?

RHC – This idea really came from the goal of building a representative and diverse picture of the past year. There was a lot of pain over the course of 2020, but life did not stop and there were many wonderful and normal things that occurred. We wanted to pay tribute to this sense of balance and capture its essence. It was also birthed out of the start of the new year of 2021 and resolutions. New Year’s Day is a great time to reflect on what has transpired and we hoped this piece would help to provide that for the artists and audience as well.

CN – I really wanted to create a virtual theatrical time capsule to archive this year. I wanted to bottle all the feelings, emotions, and anxiety the majority of us felt and tighten the lid and bury it. But also on the flipside I wanted audience members to reflect on some of the more positives of the year which could be spending more time with the people they lived with, learning a new craft, etc.

BK  Do you have plans to work with “Those Women Productions”  over time?

RHC – I would love to keep up our collaboration with Carol and Libby! They have been such amazing advisors, supporters, and teammates. I know I can always turn to them about any part of the process and they will do their best to answer my questions or at least point me in the right direction. I’ve felt so fortunate to have met them. It is so rare to find people like them who will let you blossom and develop your unique artistic voice in a nurturing environment in the professional world. I truly treasure this woman led artistic initiative and our time together. 

BK  What would you like for Splash Magazines Worldwide readers to know about you and this work?

CN – To understand the year 2020 wasn’t just a moment but a historic time we all are a part of and how we can grow from what happened in that year. 

RHC – We don’t pretend to have the answers about what 2020 meant to anyone, or what the next leg of the journey will be. We simply hope that by displaying the fractured strands of stories of the past year will help others to reflect on their own experiences and the commonalities that tie us all together.

Peace and LIght,


All photos are courtesy of Hindsight 2020

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