Kenny G Joins 100 Music Greats From 16 Countries for “Quarantine Music Chain”

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Inspired by Composer Imre Czomba in response to the COVID/quarantine impact on the music industry, the song and music video ‘Quarantine Music Chain’ is a global gift –  from musicians of the world.

The tragedy of the Coronavirus pandemic took a particularly hard toll on the music community worldwide. Concerts and tours planned for this summer have all been postponed or canceled. That didn’t stop Imre Czomba, a Hungarian musician living in Los Angeles, from coming up with a unique way to bring the best of the international music scene together for a life-celebrating, joyful jam session.

Czomba initially called on a few of his friends to see if they would like to take part in a joint song to be recorded from their homes. Within hours, the Quarantine Music Chain was underway, attracting international music sensations from Michael O’Neill, (Barbra Streisand Band, George Benson), Alphonso Johnson, (Weather Report, Santana), Ed Calle, (Gloria Estefan, Michael Bolton), Andrew Kestler, (Accent), Richie Garcia, (Phil Collins Band) and Sophie Cairo (La Bouche).

Michael Lehmann Boddicker, Kenny G and Imre Czomba

“I started with the first four beats, which my brilliant musician friends continued as a chain reaction, composing their own four bars. The melodies were then played by an incredibly talented group of musicians who joined the project,” stated Czomba.

Musicians, singers, and composers from 16 nations including the USA, Australia, New Zealand, Argentina, Canada, Japan, China, Egypt, Norway, France, Germany, Slovakia, Hungary, Russia, Israel, and Italy participated in the Quarantine Music Chain.

Other star-studded, award-winning faces on the session include world-renowned, Grammy-winning Jazz saxophonist Kenny G, Grammy Winner,Michael Lehmann Boddicker, (Michael Jackson, Lionel Richie, Quincy Jones, We Are The World); Global Music Award-winning composer, Stefano Sacchi, and Adonis Tsilimpari, (NCIS: Los Angeles;, CSI: NY); as well as many Hungarian music stars including Fecó Balázs, Gyula Papp, opera singer, Erika Miklósa, Kornél Horváth, and Zoltán Lantos.

Some of the participants of “Quarantine Music Chain”

Czomba himself is widely respected in Hungary and beyond as a film composer. He wrote the score for one of the most-watched Hungarian movies of all time, Kölcsönlakás, as well as the feature Argo 2. He is currently scoring A Thousand Little Cuts in Los Angeles, a film by Josh Brandon, shot in Oklahoma.

A month later, through the efforts of all the musicians involved, “Quarantine Music Chain” has been released. Czomba offers the song as a gift to the world, from the musicians of the world.

Listen and watch Quarantine Music Chain HERE.

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