Beauty and Fashion Expert Chris Han’s Picks of the Top Ten Luxury Beauty Products of 2019

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Social Media Content Creator Chris Han. Photo courtesy of Chris Han

Shanghainese turned LA girl Chris Han is known as one of the leading beauty and fashion influencers and bloggers in Los Angeles.  Having worked with such iconic brands as Sephora, Christian Louboutin, Revolve, L’Oréal Professional, Lancôme, MAC and Kiehl’s to name a few, she is an entrepreneur-turned social media content creator who has become one of the most respected and followed tastemakers in the industry. Unlike other social media “influencers”, she prefers not to work with brands on a “discount code” basis, as she feels that being paid by brand partnerships on a commission basis reduces the organic credibility with her followers and fans. Instead, through her social media channels and on her blog, she continually tests and vettes products and brands that she deems truly worthy of mention and review. 

Photo courtesy of Chris Han

Chris has built a loyal following of friends due her deep-seated knowledge of all things beauty and fashion. Her audience visits her Instagram page and blog for her latest picks in fashion trends, the newest brands and the best wearable styles to reflect the current season. She also produces a series of XOXO branded influencer events, meant to empower women by connecting them with companies to build long standing business relationships within her community. 

I asked Chris to share her picks of the ten best luxury beauty products she has discovered this past year, and I am very happy pass them along to our Splash Mags readers.  ENJOY BEAUTIES!

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