Shelter -Movie Review- A Thriller About Love, Life, and Revenge

Shelter- A Film From Menemsha Films
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Shelter- A Film From Menemsha Films

On April 6th,2018, Menemsha Films releases its newest dramatic thriller Shelter. Written by Eran Riklis, the 93 minute film is both personal and universal.  The movie stars Neta Riskin as Mossad agent Naomi sent to Germany after the murder of her husband to protect Golshifteh Farahani (Mona) a Lebanese informant  recovering from plastic surgery to assume a new identity after preventing a Hamas attack on Israel.  Her secret desire is to protect her young son whim she was forced to leave behind and obtain revenge on the boy’s father, current head of Hamas, who betrayed her and is now determined to kill her and prevent her from giving away any of their other plans. The film also stars Yehuda Almagor and Lior Askenazi.

The women bond and share secrets – photo by Gordon Timpen

Spending the two weeks together in a quiet Hamburg apartment the women bond and learn each other’s deepest secrets as the twists turns and terrors of the world engulf them and the Hamas leader Naim (Doraid Lidawi) edges closer to his goal of silencing her.

Shelter – Neta Riskin and Golshifteh Farahani share a future moment – photo by Eitan Riklis

The structure is tense with numerous “cat” scares.  Will the man she loved kill her?

Knowing that the possibility of lurking death, Mona makes Naomi promise to rescue her son and as she does, the Mossad agent realizes how she, herself, has been betrayed.

Hamas leader Doraid Liddawi works to silence Mona – photo by Sebastian Edschmid

The twists will keep you clutching your seats.  The universal themes will appeal to all.

Naomi and her Mossad contact Avner (Yehuda Almagor) meet in Germany – photo by Shebastian Edschmid

Los Angeles screenings will be at as Laemmle in Encino, Pasadena, Santa Monica Film Center and the Ahrya Fine Arts theater in Beverly Hills.. Film scholar Ella Taylor will attend a 130p event in Beverly Hills for a Q&A.

The language is mostly English but with some Hebrew and some Arabic. However even those who dislike subtitles will be fine. (My only complaint there is that the white writing often faded into the background.)

The women prepare for future – photo by Sebastian Edschmid

The story is not only about terror and betrayal, but about love and redemption.  Emotions carry the story.  What do your promises mean to you?

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