Vibration Apparel – Giving You a Great Look While Giving Back to Others

Vibration Apparel Hoodie
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Spreading good vibes, making you look good and helping children, what more could you possibly want from an article of clothing? If you can offer all three you are doing something right and it is easy to surmise that Vibration Apparel is doing a lot right.

Vibration Apparel Hoodie

Vibration Apparel has created a line of muscle tees, tanks, hoodies, yoga hats and more for both men and women that are not only so comfortable you will never want to take them off, you will love sharing the message that they relay to everyone you see. You are going to find pieces that relay such messages as “Vibes Speak Louder Than Words” and “Karma Queen”.

Vibration Apparel Tank

While they are all eye-catching, the sayings are what is behind this company. For every shirt that Vibration Apparel sells, they will donate a brand new shirt to a child in need. The shirts that are donated are designed in an assortment of colors that help every child fit in at school or play. Having a child who is less fortunate have the ability to put on a brand new shirt will impact them in such a positive way.

Good Vibes

“I live my life with positivity and I channel my positive energy into the designs I create that share a little love, good spirit and karma. It’s all about spreading good vibes but with a purpose. Children are our future so we should spread some love and compassion with them. For every shirt we sell, we donate a new shirt to a child in need. It’s that simple – everyone can participate and spread good vibes,” Lisa Marton, Chief Vibe Officer said.

If you want to improve the vibration in your own life and you want to be part of giving back while you do it, then make sure to shop Vibration Apparel. The shirt on your back will send a positive message as will the shirt that is given to a child in need.

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